Volunteer Award for Caroline O’Connor, Naas No Name Club

We received fantastic news in Naas No Name Club this week. Eoin Ryan, Deputy Chairperson of Naas No Name Club, let us know that Naas Chairperson Caroline O’Connor will receive an award and letter from the Taoiseach on Thursday 19th May, to commend her outstanding work with, and for, young people throughout the pandemic.

Caroline’s devotion to the social, emotional, and personal development of young people began before the pandemic, and will no doubt continue for many years to come. For those who may not be aware, Caroline founded her own social enterprise in 2020 called EiSHT – Emotionally, Intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens (pronounced Ay-ssht).

She uses this platform to educate young people in secondary schools across the country about mental health and well-being, while also providing them with a toolbox to harness their skills, competencies, and self-awareness to be able to adapt to the rapidly evolving workplace.

She has weaved her work with EiSHT into No Name Clubs across the country which has benefitted not only the youth members, but also the youth leaders.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive congratulations to Caroline and thank her for her work in Naas No Name Club, as well as providing training for our young people and mental health first aid training for our adult leaders.

You can find out more about Caroline’s work at http://www.eisht.ie.