Our Youth Clubs

At No Name Club we focus on positive alternatives to alcohol and drug centred activities for young people across Ireland. Please see the interactive map below to locate one of our youth clubs.

Being involved in No Name Club brings many benefits for the volunteer:

A real sense of feeling valued.

Working as part of a team.

Developing yourself


Utilising your new skills & knowledge.

What do I need to open a club?

It is the incredible work carried out by hundreds of volunteers, young and old, from all walks of life which drives us forward and makes sure that we continue to evolve as a progressive, youthful and positive organisation.

You can help create a lasting legacy for your community by helping establish a new No Name Club in your area

Our staff will support you during this process as you create a safe and secure club that will provide a positive alternative for young people. Contact us today to learn more about starting a new club for your community and we will talk you through the quick and easy process.

What To Expect

No Name Clubs are valued and respected right across the country of Ireland and people feel proud to be associated with us. People appreciate the Ethos and Values that we promote; they respect the work we do with young people and communities and last but by no means least they have trust in the credibility of our organisation.

We take pride in that all our clubs will offer:

  • A warm welcome.
  • A positive place, full of enthusiasm for young people.
  • An opportunity to take Social responsibility.
  • Great organisational skills.
  • A safe space for young people.
  • Inclusion in a successful organisation.
  • Equality and Inclusion and acceptance of all persons.

What do I need to grow our club?

Retaining Volunteers

Without volunteers the No Name Club would simply not work. The level of commitment and the continued support that we receive as a National Organisation is second to none. Each club will have a succession plan in place. As club members get older, they may wish to become involved in a different capacity and as an organisation, we strongly encourage this.

It is so important that we acknowledge the work of our volunteers and never take them for granted. We aim to give variety in roles, so all volunteers continue to learn, gain new experiences and grow as individuals. Remember respect is key, so the most important word is “We” and the least important word is “I”.

We aim to always acknowledge a job well done. In general volunteers remain involved with the club because:

They feel valued.
They are respected.
They feel included.
They feel a sense of pride.
They have a sense of achievement.

Recruitment of New Volunteers

The first thing to do when recruiting new volunteers is to invite them to get involved. Be specific about what they are being asked to do and the time commitment that will be required. If you can, try to match volunteers to the skills they have, however it is really important that all volunteers feel they have something to offer. Potential volunteers will need reassurance:

When meeting potential volunteers for the first time:

  • Invite them to a club night.
  • Introduce them – who’s who and what’s what.
  • Explain how they can be involved and inquire if there is anything specific that they would like to get involved with.
  • Assure them that they will get full support in all aspects of volunteering.

Most importantly, discuss garda vetting and child protection training process for all volunteers. All clubs will be linked with their local Volunteer Centre. Our club support officers Jenny and Ethan are also always on hand to assist with the club volunteer process.

Promoting No Name Club

Everyone involved in No Name Club has a responsibility to positively promote the Ethos and Values and Aims and Objectives by which we stand and are governed. Both volunteers and club members should strive to highlight the good work they do in the local communities. Our website and online social media presence are always happy to promote the fantastic activities our clubs get up to.

No Name Club Head office will always be on hand to assist and support any coverage, whether it be online, print media or local radio. All clubs should be familiar with the National Framework, Better Outcomes Brighter Futures, The Health Quality Mark, Healthy Ireland and the National Quality Standards Framework of which we work in line with.