Join No Name Club

No Name Club is a National Voluntary Youth Organisation with clubs spread throughout Ireland.

No Name Club aims to provide a safe social space for young people to come together free from any pressure to use alcohol and other drugs by building self confidence and self esteem. We utilise local resources to support young people in personal development and informed decision making with responsible attitudes.

Through their experience with the clubs, members can learn that they can make friends, enjoy social outings have great fun in a warm, friendly and healthy environment without the use of alcohol and other drugs.

If you are aged between 15-18 years and looking to become a new member, there may be a No Name Club in your area. Most clubs begin recruitment in September, and this is advertised locally.

You can also search our Find Your Local Club page to find the nearest club in your locality. If you are unable to find a club in your area, please contact No Name Club Head Office for assistance at

Become a volunteer!

At No Name Clubs it is the incredible work carried out by hundreds of volunteers, young and old, male and female, from all walks of life which drives us forward and makes sure that we continue to evolve as a progressive, youthful and positive organisation. So why should you volunteer?

A real sense of feeling valued.

Working as part of a team.

Developing yourself


Utilising your new skills & knowledge.

Interested in opening a club?