Young people shape our future and it is the role of No Name! Club to ensure that every young person involved in our clubs are given the opportunity to become responsible active citizens.

We’re here to support and challenge young people by allowing them the opportunity to create and design spaces and activities that suit their needs and interests. No Name! Clubs are run by and for young people aged 15 years + who come together in a healthy, safe and lively environment where there’s fun, friendship and enjoyment without the pressure of alcohol or other drugs.

No Name! Club members are encouraged to take on the responsibility of running the club for their peers, with the support of a local adult committee. This approach to youth engagement provides our young members with the opportunity to develop their confidence and leadership skills as they take on this challenge.

They learn, through their active involvement in No Name! Club, the benefit and enjoyment of creating social settings that are removed from the influences of alcohol and other drugs. Valuable and long-lasting friendships are formed, social and decision making skills are enhanced, creative talents are developed, and confidence and leadership skills grow as the Hosts and Hostesses move towards adulthood.

The work done with young people in No Name! Club compliments the formal and informal teachings of parents in the home, teachers in the schools and all other groups and organisations who help or encourage young people in the use of their free time by encouraging them to make good life choices.

Each Host and Hostess receives informal educational experiences that adds to their 21st century employability skills.