Supporting Ukraine

As we are all aware, the war in Ukraine has had and will continue to have, horrific implications for Ukrainian families.

Here in Ireland we are beginning to see families arrive seeking refuge from the war and this is set to increase in the coming weeks and months.

We in No Name Club can play a part in helping these families to integrate and feel welcomed into Irish society through inviting Ukrainian young people to be part of our No Name Clubs and part of our communities.

I would ask therefore, that all clubs be aware of any Ukrainian families coming into your area and consider the following;

  • are there any young people aged 15-18 who could be invited into your club ?
  • how can your club get involved in providing assistance for families ?
  • are there events/activities/supports happening locally or nationally that your club could support or get involved with?
  • what ideas do the young people in your club have for friendship or support for young Ukrainians coming in to your area?

The following links may be useful:

European Youth Forum: Supporting people in Ukraine – what can you do? – National Youth Council of Ireland

FAQs-Ukraine-Crisis.pdf (

Ukrainian crisis: Information for Ukrainians and how you can help | Immigrant Council of Ireland

If one young person  or family from Ukraine feels safer and supported as a result of this, then No Name Club will have done something good.