Use Of Our Logo

No Name! Club logo did not happen by chance. People within the organisation, and in particular Eamonn Doyle (founding member), thought about it and discussed it on many occasions.

The present logo was approved by the National Executive Committee in 1994. Today, the logo and what it symbolises is a testimony to the foresight of our founding members as it continues to reflect the outcomes for all young people in the organisation. When people become involved with No Name! Club seeds of potential growth are sown.

The potential for growth is fostered in the areas of:

  • Self-reliance
  • Self-confidence
  • Organisation competence
  • Social skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Good decision making skills
  • The ability to make good choices in life
  • Personal development and presentation
  • Leadership qualities and skills

The Leaf is a sign that all the qualities are being developed through No Name! Club and have changed from what was possible, to what is. There lies the possibility that each acorn can become a mighty oak. The leaf signifies that the process has begun.

The Acorn is the symbol of growth. It indicates that when people become involved with No Name! Club seeds of potential growth are sown. The acorn and the leaf show the potential for growth and personal development in a variety of ways within the Club.

The Writing surrounding the acorn and the leaf shows that within No Name! Club there is potential for growth and human development. In other words, within the Club, each person’s budding future is nurtured and encouraged.

Resources: You can download our logo file below:

No Name Club Logo

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