Setting Up An Adult Committee And Responsibilities

The Adult Committee comprises of a group of people who share a common belief of committed voluntary effort to run a No Name! Club.

The committee’s success will be its ability to act as a team, utilising the individual’s skills and characteristics and supporting the Ethos and Values of No Name! Club. It is advisable to bear the following in mind when recruiting adults for your Adult Committee:

  • You will need both male and female adult volunteers.
  • Try to approach people who are willing to volunteer their time to No Name! Club. 
  • Consider the value of approaching your local community Garda or Juvenile Liaison Officer and ask if they would like to be involved.
  • Try to recruit an adult who has connections to the post primary schools in the area.
  • Approach your local parent’s council and parent’s board in your post primary schools. 
  • Local community leaders can be a good source to contact.
  • If there is a local Education and Training Board, we would encourage you to make contact with them. 

The clubs dedicated Programme Officer will brief all recruited adult volunteers on local club functions and responsibilities prior to forming a committee. In order to start a club, you will need adult leaders to form a committee under the following club structure: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Child Protection Officer.

The committee can then decide how many additional people can join as leaders. Following the establishment of a committee, all members will be Garda Vetted and complete Child Protection training. Throughout the year, additional training may become available in areas such as health promotion, youth work and national quality standards in line with strategic objectives of No Name! Club.

  • Each No Name! Club must establish a bank account in the name of their club with at least 2 signatories. A Credit Union or post office account may be sufficient once they can accept electronic transfers. 
  • Each No Name! Club must register with the Charity Regulation Authority and appoint 2/3 Trustees. Financial accounts must be uploaded to the CRA website annually.
  • Each No Name! Club should consider having a dedicated club mobile phone that is used to contact members.