Getting Members

Hosts and Hostesses run their clubs with the help and support of the Adult Committee members. The club will recruit young people aged 15-18 years, who will then act as responsible leaders to their peers by taking on organisational tasks that contribute to the running of the club. 

It is the responsibility of the club to ensure that a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere is upheld in the club. It is advisable to contact your local post primary school, as they may be able to help with recruitment. If you require help in putting together a presentation for your local school, please contact your Programme Officer for support.

  • Each club will need an application form for each young person, forms are available from our forms page here
  • Arrange for club interviews (optional).
  • Following selection of your Hosts and Hostesses, it is recommended that you organise an ice breaker activity so that the adults and young people can get to know each other.
  • No Name! Club Hosts and Hostesses are required to undergo a number of training modules that will be delivered by your Programme Officer. These modules cover Ethos and Values of No Name! Club and Alcohol Awareness. 
  • No Name! Club calendar year begins in September. It is imperative that all existing clubs have Hosts and Hostesses in place by the end of October. Part two of the affiliation form must be submitted by October 30th to ensure your clubs insurance policy is kept up to date.

Forms are available from our forms page here