Erris No Name! Club's RESPECT Campaign

The Erris No Name! Club has been asked by our friends in the IWA to run a respect campaign to highlight the use of disabled parking by those who are not entitled to use those spaces and to highlight dropped pavement areas as access points that should not be blocked. We heard from our friends that a real issue for the members and clients of the IWA is not be able to park in disabled parking places and low access points on the pavement being blocked by cars. The Erris No Name! Club have designed an awareness campaign based on this expressed need. We have printing cards  (please see attached) and launched the project on Friday the 20 of October, Main Street Belmullet at 12.15 pm  We we will supply cards to the public and when they see someone parking in a disabled spot they are not entitled too be using, they can place a card on the windscreen of the car , in this way we are hoping to raise awareness and encourage the public to show more respect for parking.The Erris No Name Club wishes to thank An Garda Siochana and Mayo County Council for their ongoing support for the RESPECT Campaign.