Anne Donohue retires from the Board of Directors

At our A.G.M. in June Anne Donohue stepped down from the Board after nearly 30 years of service. Anne was a strong supporter of everything in No Name Club.  From her early days in Portumna through to the days of the National Executive and more recently as a member of the Board of Director’s.  She spent a number of years as the Company Secretary and her reliability and common sense was something we could always count on. More recently she was always to be seen at our various events with her camera in her hand, making sure as much detail as possible was recorded.  We wish you well Anne, keep safe and remember all the footprints you have left behind you, may all those memories help you to know we are all moving forward on the deeds of your past.  Thank you.

Carole Goulding
Chairperson of the Board of Directors