Covid update 27 October 2021

We held our latest COVID-19 Leaders meeting on Wednesday last, 27-10-2021.

Thank you to those clubs who were represented and also to those who sent apologies.

The proposed changes to public health guidelines for 22-10-2021 unfortunately did not happen and as a result we remain where we are in regard to how we are permitted to operate. i.e. meeting outdoors with no restrictions or meeting indoors in pods of 6.

·         In relation to pods of 6, the question was asked as to how many pods are permitted. This is dependent on venue size with the guidelines stating:  Multiple pods will be permissible subject to protective measures. Number of pods will have regard to the size of venue and substantial social distance between individual pods.

               – I would suggest that substantial social distance be regarded as greater than 2 metres.

·         Natasha Walshe spoke about how St. Joseph’s Club in Cork is currently operating indoors in pods of 6 and that this is working well. It was also discussed how pods can consist of different people each week but should remain together for that meeting. Face masks to be worn at all times.

·         Regarding outdoor activity; Con Nolan reported that Claremorris No Name Club in Mayo are meeting every week for a club walk and that this is working well with great numbers participating. This is proving to be an excellent opportunity for young people to get out and meet with no restrictions on outdoor activities.

·         Clubs are advised to continue to implement protective measures such as isolating if symptomatic and ensure face coverings where appropriate. No Name clubs to follow the guidance and approach taken by schools regarding the wearing of face masks.

·         Clubs should continue to complete Contact Tracing Logs for any club activity. A log should also be kept if a club uses a bus to travel to an activity/event – this log should be in addition to the activity/event log.

·         I would urge all clubs to review the emails I sent out on 21-10-2021 and on 22-10-2021 for full details on the guidelines.

·         Information regarding the access to the Vaccination programme for younger age groups was shared at the meeting;    No Name Club encourages all who are eligible and who are deemed suitable for vaccination, to do so.

·         Current public health guidelines were shared at the meeting;

·         Updated guidelines for Youth Groups and how No Name Club activities are defined within those, were discussed;

·         No Name Club Face masks are available from the office. If you would like more for your club, please let me know how many you need and I will get them to you.

·         As clubs begin to step up activity, please share your COVID19-friendly club activity/meeting photos or videos (and inspire others) to our social media  or by contacting Sibéal O’Dwyer, No Name Club Communications Administrator             

  • Our next COVID-19 Leaders meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st December 2021 at 7.00pm.