The ‘Toolkit’ is made up of this booklet and printed forms and resources for clubs.  The aim of the booklet is to provide clubs with support and ideas for a ‘hybrid’ club.

What is a Hybrid Club?

As we look to a new year of No Name club, apprehension regarding how we can start up again and how clubs can operate is understandable. Last year, COVID-19 impacted on how we could operate and required clubs to deal with the limitations imposed and the health issues and considerations involved. Every club works differently and this was seen in how various clubs operated last year.

The hybrid approach looks at combining virtual or online activity with outdoor activities. It is hoped that this approach be seen as complementary to how clubs have always operated, adding to the ideas, suggestions and options that clubs may consider for the year ahead.

This is certainly not the only way to approach running a club but gives us a framework for the current climate of COVID-19 which allows for activity, connectedness and fun which young people in all No Name Clubs have always thrived on.

The Outline for Hybrid Club on the next page explains how there can be a mix of in-person and online activities.

We are making every effort to meet clubs across the country as they start back with a printed version of the toolkit, customisable to your club. 

You can also download the most up-to-date version of the booklet below: 

No Name! Club Toolkit

Supports for Hybrid Clubs