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Empowering young people to make informed decisions

Clubs meet weekly and provide a fun, safe environment for young people to create and participate in positive alcohol free activities. We promote and support young people to mature without a reliance on alcohol or other drugs.

For Youth and By Youth

Putting young people at the centre through active involvement in running events and activities is how we work. Creating community awareness on the benefits of social events and activities free from alcohol is further highlighted through the building of self confidence and self-esteem. We utilise local resources to support young people in personal development and informed decision making with the aim of creating responsible community minded attitudes.

Through their experience with our clubs, members learn that they can make friends, enjoy social outings and have great fun in a warm, friendly and healthy environment.

Many clubs run discos, themed balls, quiz nights, events, health talks, talent shows, organised trips, fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

Members have an opportunity to gain self-confidence, learn new skills and make lifelong friends around the country

If you are aged between 15-18 years and looking to become a new member, there may be a No Name Club in your area. Most clubs begin recruitment in September, and this is advertised locally.

You can also search our Find Your Local Club page to find the nearest club in your locality. If you are unable to find a club in your area, please contact No Name Club Head Office for assistance at

Please see the interactive map below to locate our nationwide youth clubs