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Leaving Cert 2010

The No Name Club wishes to extend its congratulations to the hundreds of its members for whom the long wait is over and the Leaving Cert results have finally arrived. And for those who are disappointed, it is important to remember the exam is not the ‘be all’ and further education and career options are available in counties throughout Ireland. We would encourage all those who have received their results not be shy about seeking advice from family, friends or experts.

The CAO offers will be made next Monday, August 23, and available to view online at They will also be sent in the post. You can receive two offers – for a level 8 course and for a level 7 or 6 option – but it is only possible to accept one.

Those anxiously awaiting next week’s CAO points can note the advice of Brian Mooney, a Guidance Counsellor and Educational Columnist with the Irish Times, who writes in today’s paper, August 19: “Nobody knows for certain what the points will be for any course as the points are determined by the number of people applying, the number of places that colleges choose to offer this year and the Leaving Cert results of those seeking places.”

The Irish Independent has advised those who failed Maths that many are surprised to find it is not essential for most Arts, Law or Social Science degree programmes in NUI colleges. Those who failed it can also return the review script request to their school by next Tuesday, August 24th, to ascertain whether it is advisable to request a full remarking of it or any other subject. Other options for people who have failed subjects such as Maths, English and Irish – and cannot enter their chosen course – or who were not offered their preferred course/s are Further Education Courses or repeating the failed subject/s the following year.

The Institute of Guidance Counsellors is providing two helplines for those seeking professional advice: at 1800 265 165 or 1800 946 942. These will have qualified guidance counsellors on the end of the line.