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The No Name Club always wants to hear from people who are interested in volunteering with the organisation. Our adult volunteers play important roles in communities throughout Ireland by helping No Name Clubs to meet teenagers needs and deliver activities and events in safe and supervised surroundings. The clubs empower teenagers and allow them to assume responsibility as they move into adulthood. No Name Clubs are often involved with community initiatives and the organisation works closely with State agencies such as An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety Authority and the HSE. As well as delivering events and activities at local level, there are regional and national competitions that allow young people to showcase their talents to wider audiences and among their peers. Our adults are provided with training such as an Induction to the No Name Club and in Child Protection Awareness and are making a very valuable and worthy contribution to Irish Society. Anyone interested in finding out more about volunteering for the No Name Club can contact its head office at 045 435444.


Shannon Monaghan & Shauna Ruddy

Shannon Monaghan & Shauna Ruddy


Shauna Ruddy who has been involved with Erris No Name Club for the past two years says the club gives teenagers a safe place to go, helps you to learn about the effects of Drugs and Alcohol through the training which really opens your eyes to the dangers out there, everyone says not to drink or do drugs but don’t tell you the effects of such behaviour and the training really makes young people think about the consequences of their actions.

Shannon Monaghan also from Erris recommends joining No Name Club to have fun, make friend meet people  that you would not meet normally, you grow up here without realising it .

Join a no name club it will change your life for the better!!!!



Patrice Fuden

Patrice Fuden

Fuden Patrice has been an adult member of the No Name Club in Newbridge since it was established two years ago. “What  appealed to me about it was this was a club for young people; there was no place where young people could go and just be themselves and this was providing it,  there’s a wonderful  community spirit attached to the No Name Club,” Patrice explains. “This is a big town but the club allows the young people to make lots of friends, as an organisation I think it’s brilliant, it brings the young people together in a safe environment where alcohol and drugs are not a factor and for me that is of great importance.” Two key components of the club are its ability to create friendship and to boost teenagers self-esteem”, he believes.