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Thousands enjoy Junior Cert celebrations

Thousands of Junior Cert students celebrated their exam results last night (September 15) at No Name Club events that were free from the influences of alcohol and drug abuse.

The No Name Club has successfully organised a series of events and activities throughout the country to co-incide with the issuing of the results to teenagers. Clubs ran discos and activities throughout the country and highlights included:

  • Almost 1,000 teenagers celebrating their results at a No Name Club disco at The Hub in Kilkenny;
  • Around 400 young people from Kerry and Limerick enjoying themselves at a night organised by Killarney No Name Club and hosted at McSorley’s Nightclub in Killarney;
  • Around 300 Waterford teenagers celebrating their achievements at the No Name Club Disco that was held at Creation Nightclub in Dungarvan.

These were just a few of the events and activities that were run by No Name Clubs in towns across Ireland and they allowed teenagers to celebrate in supervised settings that were free of alcohol and other drugs. No Name Clubs will also be hosting events and activities in the coming days and details of these can be found at our Junior Cert Events listing.

Shane Doyle, an adult committee member of Kilkenny No Name Club, says the students celebrating at The Hub had a brilliant night of celebration at an alcohol and drug-free event that was delivered in a safe and supervised environment.

He says: “With many of the headlines surrounding the Junior Cert students for the past few years being made for the wrong reasons, it is important to recognise the numbers that enjoy their night in a responsible manner and make the most of the event without the influence of alcohol. The turnout at The Hub shows the demand that is there to enjoy the celebrations in safe environments that are free from alcohol or other drugs.”