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Taking to the stage with The American Drifters

One Hour Later, the band that established itself on the spur of a moment four months ago at a No Name Club talent competition, has gone on to support one of biggest selling pop groups of all time, the American Drifters.

The five talented teenagers, who finished second in a national talent competition just weeks after getting together, played for an hour to a crowd of around 1,000 people at the Baltinglass Street Festival on Friday, August 27th, before the American band with over 50 top 30 hits worldwide took to the stage

Conor Foley, lead guitarist with One Hour Later said: “It was a brilliant experience. It was our first big gig so to play with a band that is known worldwide and are regarded as legends was fantastic and a real honour. It was also in front of our home crowd and the reaction we have been getting from people has been great. “
Before taking to the stage, they met with the American pop group and Conor described them as “very down to earth and friendly”.

The band are: Sara Ryan, vocals and rhythm guitar; Conor Foley, lead guitar; Jamie Leigh, vocals and rhythm guitar; Bala Blake, bass guitarist; and Niami Blake, drummer.  They are all 16 years of age apart from Sara, who is 15.

The name One Hour Later stems from the bands impromptu formation. Baltinglass No Name Club hosted regional heats for the national No Name Club Super Talent Competition. The five teenagers, with a bit of prompting from Baltinglass No Name Club Chairperson Bernard Cloney, decided an hour before the heats to get together and enter as a band. They’d never played together previously. They emerged from the heats to compete in the national final in Castlebar in May and finish second in the modern band category.