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Super Talent 2009

March 11th, 2009

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• Super Talent ’09 will consist of Four Regional Qualifying Rounds and The National Final.
• Each of the 4 Regional Rounds will select one winner in each category to go forward to the National Final.
• The dates and venues for the Regional Qualifiers will be notified later but these will be completed no sooner than 22nd February, 2009 and no later than 17th March 2009.
• The National Final of “Super Talent ‘09” will take place on Sun 19th April, 2009 in the magnificent INEC, Killarney, Co. Kerry.


All roads lead to Killarney, Co Kerry on Sunday April 19th for the National Finals of the No Name Club’s Super Talent competition. No Name Clubs from all over Ireland have qualified for this event through various regional qualifiers which were held in March.
The event is being held in the superb INEC, Killarney. This is one of Ireland’s premier venues and with it’s 3,000 seat capacity it regularly plays host to the very biggest and best acts. The Talented Stars of the various No Name Clubs have deserved their place on such a stage, and we know they will provide great entertainment on the night.
Admission to this event is just €5 (where else would you get it ?) and EVERYONE is welcome. Tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the event. This year we have changed the format of our Talent Show and this has resulted in an increased number of clubs having representation at the finals. Only the very best talent from each of nine different categories (Solo Singing, Modern Dance, Comedy etc.) have qualified for the Final and now they do battle to bring a National Title back to their clubs.
Months of sweat and tears have gone into preparing for Super Talent so do yourself a favour and come along, join the fun and be entertained – There’s No Business like Show Business!

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