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Sligo Club progresses

Excellent progress is being made in establishing a No Name Club in Sligo Town with an adult committee to oversee the running of it being formed. On Thursday November 4th, seven adult volunteers who will sit on the club’s adult committee attended a training session to provide them with an background information and an overview into how the No Name Club works. Another two members of the committee sent their apologies so nine adult leaders have committed themselves to overseeing the running of the club.

Anthony McCormack, No Name Club Development Manager, and Pat Heeney, Area Training Officer, have been overseeing the establishment of the club and both were present at the training session. Anthony said the organisation is “delighted” with the progress being made in the town and added: “We greatly appreciate the effort our volunteers are making to provide activities for the young people of Sligo in a safe environment that is free from the influences of alcohol and other drugs.” The next meeting of the club is scheduled for Thursday, November 18th and well done to all involved.