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Tips and Ideas

Tips and Ideas


Alcohol Awareness Campaign/Project Ideas

Activity Stand- Can be a simple activity, but very effective one, make sure to pick a suitable high traffic location.

Quiz – Hold a quiz incorporating alcohol awareness questions.

Unit Challenge – Set up a stall in your communal area asking people to guess the amount of alcohol units in certain drinks by using pictures as aids e.g. a picture of a pint of beer/a glass of wine/a shot of tequila. People could note down their name and the number of total units they think are in front of them, with a prize going to the winner.

Short Video- Make a short film or advert to promote alcohol awareness and screen it in your school.

Presentation- Give an alcohol awareness presentation for pupils in your school.

Write a song- Preform a song written by your group around alcohol awareness in your school or even record a music video to go with the song.

Scavenger Hunt- With Alcohol related questions or hints.

Poster Completion- Hold an alcohol awareness poster competition within your school.   


Some Do’s and Don’ts of your Campaign

Do use positive language for your campaign and reinforce the benefits of responsible drinking.

Do make activities fun and engaging for students/participants.

Do make sure anything you post or write about is factually correct from one of our recommended listed websites.

Do contact the No Name Club for advice if you are unsure of any element of your campaign.

Do consult with your dedicated No Name Club Liaison Officer if you intend to do an interview with a local newspaper or radio station so advice and tips can be given.

Don’t just hand out leaflets to tick an “alcohol awareness” box. It’s a really important message to send to students, so do your best to make your campaign as engaging as possible.

Don’t give out poor advice.  Do your research and make sure it’s from a credible source.  If you are unsure, contact No Name Club for advice on which sources to reference for your project.


Spreading the Word

Make a Facebook or Twitter Page dedicated to the campaign. Get on Twitter and tweet about your campaign #AlcoholAwareSchool. Encourage other team members and helpers to get tweeting and monitor the hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @NoNameClub1.

Ask your school if they would let you post details of your campaign on the school’s website or Facebook page.

Create a cover photo for your campaigns Facebook page and tag as many students as you can, ask them to set it as their cover photo to promote the campaign. (Please consult with your teacher or dedicated No Name Club Liaison Officer for advice on this).

Put up posters all across your school to raise awareness.

Use any form of communication you can e.g. Notice boards, websites, blogs and e-mail, pigeon carriers, cave paintings, etc.


Areas you may like to touch on

Research the level of alcohol awareness currently in your school with a questionnaire.

Risks associated with underage drinking.

Alcohols impact to Physical health.

Alcohols impact on emotional health, and social development.

Alcohol and handling Peer pressure.

The drinking culture in Ireland.

Impact of Alcohol within the home (Hidden Harm Insight).

Alcohol and Pregnancy.




These are just suggestions, the content of your project is entirely up to you.