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Testimonials of the No Name School Project – Clonakilty

“As a group of TY students, struggling to find somewhere to socialise in a safe and healthy environment, we turned to the establishment of A No Name Club in our local town.  15 teenagers set out to start a new club in our local area as part of a Young Social Innovators project to combat the specific issue of underage drinking.  We felt as though there was no outlet being offered for boys and girls to socialise and have fun without the involvement of alcohol.  In order to set up the club we had to recruit adult leaders and of course the hosts and hostesses. After 3 months of hard work we finally got up and running. We must admit that the first year was tough and a lot of our intentions had not been fulfilled. However, a new year began, with a whole group of new members and committed leaders who are all so enthusiastic and dedicated to the club. Despite the fact that many of our friends had decided not to come back after the first year, we decided to finish what we had started and fulfil our ambitions of providing a healthy social outlet for young people in our town. The club has offered plenty of opportunities for us to make new friends from all over the country which is fantastic! Although we have started small, we hope to continue the running of our club for many years to come!”

Rosin and Orla



“During September of 2014, 15 Transition students came together, as part of a Young Social Innovators Project, demined to solve a social issue that they felt had a negative effect on their society. The issue then identified, was the unacceptable lack of social outlets for teenagers in the area of Clonakilty especially alcohol and drug free.

The YSI Guide in the school had some promotional leaflets about the No Name Club. This club seemed like the perfect solution to the problem they were trying to address. Young people wanted to be able to socialise and meet new people in a fun and healthy environment where the pressures of alcohol and drugs did not exist.

No Name Club Executive John Donovan offered great support and guidance to establish the club. John also gave us a taste of the type of fun that was had at No Name Club and needless to say all were well impressed. The next step was to recruit and train the adult leaders then, secure a venue for the club meetings. Finally, on February 6th 2015, No Name Club Clonakilty launched its first ever meeting. A fun quiz and speed dating were organised which got the club off to a great start. The establishment of a No Name Club in Clonakilty has had a fantastic influence on the local community and is going from strength to strength.”


Transition Year Teacher


“Following the YSI decision to set up a No Name Club Clonakilty, I was approached with a view to helping out as an adult volunteer.  My own experience with teenagers, now beyond this stage, was that the town lacking in outlets wherein they could go and be safe, away from the “pub culture”. I volunteered to help out and came on board at this stage. As an adult leader, there is a level of commitment, we had great interest initially but it didn’t take long for a good proportion of adults to drop out. We are left with a dedicated number who give their time willingly, who can see the benefits of this club to our young people. The club, now in its second year is blossoming, our members are a pleasure to work with.

Without adult volunteers the club would not be possible. The supportive role the adults play allows the members space and time to grow develop relationships, to take part in club activities and outings. A little commitment goes a long way.

The local community is now beginning to recognise us as a group and as such we are delighted to carry No Name Club forward and to reap the benefits of the growth of our young people.”


Adult Volunteer