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School Project in a Nutshell

School Project in a Nutshell


Aims & Objectives

  • To increase the level of awareness of the risks of Alcohol to local communities
  • To educate and support 15 to 18 year olds in how to positively influence peers
  • To support the development of awareness programmes within schools
  • To support the design of an implementation programme to increase the range of influence across the school
  • To evaluate the success of the programme
  • To assist in the setting up of a community based club to give 15 to 18 year olds a safe place to socialise in their local community without the pressure of alcohol or other drugs
  • To increase confidence and enable 15 to 18 year olds to take responsibly for and make good life choices


The Project

Each participating school will take responsibility for the research, design and implementation of an Alcohol Awareness Programme for their school with a clear objective to heighten awareness of Alcohol and other drugs.

This project will be run by the students who will take full responsibility for all aspects including the delivery and roll-out of the programme within their school, evaluation of the project including their range of influence and the setting up of a community based club to offer support for all young people who wish to socialise in an alcohol and drug free space.

Each project will be submitted for adjudication to the No Name Club, where it will be featured on our website and the winning school will be announced in March 2017.


Encouraging Alternatives

Three Sixty Degree Approach

This is key, for there is little point in educating young people in communities if they are then left with no local support or no facility to allow them express themselves. The support of a local No Name Club, ran by the young people for the young people under the supervision of adult volunteers is imperative. This will allow all likeminded 15 to 18 year olds socalise in an environment where they feel secure and ok about the choice they have made. As a National Organisation No Name Club offers an infrastructure second to none, with almost forty years’ experience of working with and running clubs right across the country.



Providing Support

It is proposed that the No Name Club will visit with each school at least twice between September and February. The first visit will be to discuss and outline what the No Name Club is, what our ethos and values are and why we are so successful in local communities.

We will discuss the project, outlining aims and objectives, resources, options and evaluations.

The second visit will be to address and support the setting up of a No Name Club in the community.

Each school will have a dedicated contact within the No Name Club, who will offer ongoing phone and email support throughout.


Review and Evaluation

Following successful completion of the project and the affiliation of a community club, all schools will submit their project to the No Name Club. All projects will be featured on line and an adjudication panel will select a winning project based on a set criteria.

The winning school will receive a trophy and free affiliation for the community based club for one year.