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Q. What is the deadline for the project?

A. February 2017


Q. What will I get out of doing this?

A. It is great fun. It is an opportunity to develop friendships, and try new things. There can be a great sense of gratification knowing that you were a part of establishing such a worthwhile club in your community.


Q. What do I do if I am unsure the information I am using for the campaign is reliable.

A. Try use the links listed on our resources/research page but of course you can research your own sites. If you are unsure about the reliability of your sources, contact your Liaison Officer and they will be glad to guide you in the right direction.


Q. Who decides what our school project looks like.

A. Put simply, you decide.  How/When/Where you run your alcohol awareness programme is down to you and your school.  Check out our Tips/Ideas page for advice on how you could run your alcohol awareness programme.


Q. What do we do if some people in the group have no interest in the project and others are doing all the work?

A. Talk to your project supervisor to see if they can help address the problem.


Q. How do we decided on what idea to run with if the whole class has different suggestions for the campaign?

A. The best way to resolve this would be to pick the top ideas by making a pros and cons list and then get your group to vote on their favourite idea.


Q. How is a No Name! Club different to other youth clubs?

A. The No Name! Club is structured so that it is run by the young people in its club. The Hosts and Hostesses decide what they want their Club to look like, what activities they want to do and what trips they would like to take. Adult Volunteers are there merely to facilitate the Hosts/Hostesses within a secure, safe and fun space free from the pressures of Alcohol and Drugs.


Q. What training will the Adult Volunteers need and how do they get it?

A. The Adult Volunteers will need to undergo the required Garda Vetting and will need to participate in Child Protection Training which will be facilitated by the No Name! Club.


Q. Do the Adult Volunteers we recruit need Youth Work experience?

A. No the Adult Volunteers do not need any experience working with Youths; although it would be helpful, it is not a necessity.


Q. How do we attract young people in our town to our No Name! Club?

A. You could hold an information night in a local community centre or even in your school to tell them about how fantastic being a part of the No Name! Club is. Make sure to tell them about all the National and Regional events that are held throughout the year. Be sure to promote the No Name! Clubs website address to give potential club members an insight into what the No Name! Club looks like.


Q. How will this benefit the community?

A. It gives young people in your local community a safe space to have fun without the pressures of drugs and alcohol. A lot of current No Name! Club Host and Hostesses are very involved in the organisation of events within their locally and have become an integral part of the community.


Q. What if I have more questions that haven’t been addressed in this section?

A. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the project in more detail please do not hesitate to contact your designated Liaison Officer, who will be glad to deal with your query.