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Region 4 report

February 7th, 2011

Cobh, Mayfield, Dungarvan and Killarney clubs came together in the Malton Hotel in Killarney on Saturday February 5th for their regional final of the No Name Club National Youth Awards.It was a day of musical entertainment, song, dance, humour and fun as six No Name Club hosts and hostesses put themselves forward to represent their club and region in the competiton. Joining the representatives were around 150 hosts and hostesses from Waterford, Cork and Kerry, who had travelled to the finals to support their counterparts and to enjoy themselves.

Proceedings began at 1pm as the interview panel of Carole Goulding, No Name Club Chairperson, and Gillian MacEoin of An Garda Síochána began their one-to-one interviews with the six hosts and hostesses. These were Jonas Lyne and Jemma Murhill of Killarney No Name Club, Danielle O’Brien of St Joseph’s (Mayfield), Michelle Pierce  of Cobh, and Darragh Coleman and Aine Power from Dungarvan.

As the interviews started, the club representatives began their day of entertainment with a karaoke competition. DJ Mikey was on hand to oversee proceedings as potential music stars of the future took to the stage.  The competition was run in an ‘x factor style’ and was renamed ‘z factor’. Four judges from the particapating clubs became Simon,Cheryl Danni and Louis. In keeping with the x-factor theme, the judges offered comments on each of the acts. There was tough competiton and a wide variety of performances to choose from, with Coldplay, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon all getting an airing. The judges decided on four acts they wanted to go to public vote with a view to being crowned the z factor champion. The four acts were Rachael from Mayfield, Darragh and Cian from Dungarvan, Mauve from Dungarvan and Amano from Killarney. In true x-factor style, there was little to choose between the four finalists and each had something different to offer. It was the public who decided the winner and after the votes were counted, Amano from Killarney No Name Club was announced the winner.

With the innaugural z factor a success and now complete, it was time to move onto the Host and Hostess of the Year Competition. The on-stage interviews begun with Jemma Murhill, who was representing Killarney No Name Club. Jemma talked with John Donovan of Dungarvan No Name Club, who talked with the females and Niamh Collins, a former hostess for Killarney No Name Club, spoke with the males. Jemma spoke about the impact and issues surrounding horses wearing nappies in Killarney. Jonas Lyne, who was also representing the Killarney club, was next to take to the stage. Asked what he would do if president for a day, he said he would look for Area 51. Danielle O’Brien of St Joseph’s (Mayfield) entertained the audience with her graceful ballet and spoke eloquently about her involvement with the No Name Club. Michelle Pierce, the Cobh hostess, told the audience she is a  member of the Reserve Defence Forces and she wants to join the army. John put her on the spot and asked that she display her marching skills, which she proudly did. Darragh Coleman took to the stage for Dungarvan and entertained all by showing his musical talents and playing his guitar and singing a song he’d composed himself. Last but by no means least, it was the turn of Aine Power from Dungarvan. Her act was a real novelty, as she played the indigenous Australian musical instrument the didgeridoo.  A very difficult instrument to master, Aine wowed the crowd.  She tried teach John how to play the instrument, but there’ll be a few more lessons needed before he can perform in public again!

With the one-to-one interviews, on stage interviews and party pieces now complete, Carole Goulding, Chairperson of the No Name Club took to the stage with the results in her hand. She said the interviews revealed the hosts and hostess going forward who had put themselves forward were of a very high calibre and complemented them all on their involvement with the No Name Club and for their work within their local communities. There was just one bit of business remaining. Carole opened the envelope and revealed Jemma Murhill of Killarney No Name Club and Darragh Coleman of Dungarvan No Name Club would be the two young people who would represent the region at the National Youth Awards semi-finals. With that, all travelled home following an action packed and fun-filled day.

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