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Public Speaking Competition

RSA and No Name Club Public Speaking Competition

Update on R.S.A. Public Speaking Competitions

The No Name Club /Road Safety Authority Public Speaking Competitions have been scheduled to take place in various regional venues on Friday December 2nd 2011. The topics for discussion by the participants all have a road safety and the event is being run with the aim of increasing awareness of road safety particularly among our young people.

The Topics for discussion are:-

  1. Essential Driver Training – The role of EDT (Essential Driver Training) is to protect the safety of young drivers and other road users.
  2. Drug Driving – Driving while under the influence of drugs is as dangerous a risk as drink driving.
  3. Lowering the Blood Alcohol Concentration Levels – Lowering of the B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level to .2 in the case of learner drivers is essential to road safety in Ireland.
  4. The impact of Real Life Adverts on young drivers. –Real Life Road Safety adverts have an immense impact on the mind-set of young drivers.

This is a public speaking competition – it is not a debate between opposing teams. Each club is represented by a team of three speakers each of whom will have 2 minutes to deliver their portion of their team’s presentation. The key here is for a team to deliver a clear and cogent presentation of their topic alone, unlike in a debate where teams are delivering points and trying to counter opposing team arguments. All of the above topics are positive in their intent on Road Safety, and the teams shall adopt the positive position in promoting them.

Each team shall select one of the above three topics and prepare and deliver their talks on this selected topic. It is very possible (indeed likely) that more than one team will select any given topic. The winning team will be the one who demonstrates that they have best researched and delivered their talk according to the marking scheme previously published. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning club and all participating clubs will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Make sure your club is entered.

Please make certain that your club is entered for the Public Speaking Competition by informing your Area Trainer that you are participating. We need each club to declare their intention to participate no later than Friday November 4th 2011.

Once we know how many clubs are in the competition we will then determine the Regions and the venues accordingly. We are aiming to attach a social element to each event. Our hope is to have several regional venues with a number of clubs participating in the Public Speaking Competition, and to follow on after the competition with perhaps a Disco or a similar event for all of the various  club’s young people to meet up and enjoy themselves.

Open this link for more information regarding the Public Speaking Competition Information on Public Speaking Competition