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Kilkenny’s Christmas Celebrations

Kilkenny No Name Club used the Christmas break to celebrate even more as it held a night of fun and entertainment to recognise its latest graduates and also spent a fun day skating. Over 20 Kilkenny teenagers were presented with their certificates in leadership and self development for their involvement with the No Name Club on a night that saw 70 young people – including past and present hosts and hostesses – gather for a quiz, karaoke and the graduate presentations. The event was held at the Fox and Goose in Kilkenny on January 4th and a great evening of entertainment was enjoyed by all. The club also used the opportunity of the Christmas break to travel to Kilkenny on Ice. Thirty hosts and hostesses and six adult leaders braved the slippery conditions to take to the ice and all had a great time as patience allowed them get the hang of the skills required. Pictures of Kilkenny No Name Club’s busy Christmas can now be viewed on the gallery page and below.

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