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Kells opens its doors

Excellent work is taking place in Kells, County Meath, to deliver its teenagers with the activity that comes with a No Name Club. Teenagers are becoming members and an adult committee has been working over the Summer months to put a structure in place for the year ahead. The club already has plans to paint a mural in the Kells People’s Resource Centre and members will contribute to the design of this. The endeavour of the organisation within Kells has made headlines, with the Meath Chronicle’s Ann Casey publishing the following article in a recent edition.

Town’s ‘No Name Club’ to open doors within weeks
The newly formed Kells No Name Club is set to open its doors to its first members in the coming weeks.

The club is geared towards teenagers aged between 15 and 18 and will provide a safe and lively environment without the pressures of alcohol or other drugs.

Chairperson of the Club, Kelly Madine, said committee members are eager to make the club a big success. “Over the summer period, the committee members have been receiving training, including training in suicide awareness. We are determined that our club will meet the needs of teenagers and that it provides a service that is relevant to the lives of youth today,” she said.

The closing date for applications for The Kells No Name Club is this Friday, 22nd October.

“We have received a steady flow of applications over the last number of weeks, which is very encouraging. The club is geared towards teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18. Our first project as a club will be to paint a mural in the Kells People’s Resource Centre and the members will all be allowed to contribute to its design,” Ms Madine said.

Cllr Sarah Reilly, who was one of the main driving influences in the establishment of the club, commented: “Facilities for teenagers are sorely lacking in Kells. This club will make a valuable impact on the lives of youth in Kells town. I will be working with the group over the coming years to lobby for funding for a youth café and increased facilities. I have no doubt the club will be a huge success as the committee members are a focused group of skilled individuals.”

No Name Club is a national voluntary youth organisation founded in 1978 with clubs throughout the country. They were founded to provide an alternative to pub culture for young people in Ireland. They demonstrate a lifestyle in which the use of alcohol or drugs is seen as unnecessary to the enjoyment of a happy, cheerful and fulfilling social life for young people.

At present, there are over 15,000 young people in No Name Clubs throughout the country and the organisation is currently funded through the Office of The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs and the HSE.

Through their involvement in No Name Club activities, young people are encouraged to develop to their full potential by taking on the responsibility of planning and organising a wide-ranging programme of social events in co-operation with the adult club leaders.