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Junior Cert Congratulations

Congratulations to all the Junior Cert students who are receiving their exam results today (September 15th). We are particularly pleased to extend our best wishes to the hundreds of No Name Club members throughout the country who will be picking up their results and we wish them the very best as they move towards the Leaving Cert.

The No Name Club would once again like to advise students to enjoy their success and celebrate without alcohol or other drugs. This year we have teamed up with World Champion Boxer Katie Taylor to dissuade teenagers from celebrating with alcohol. Katie told us: ďAs a young person who does not drink, I can appreciate the enjoyment there is to be had in living a life free from alcohol. Iíve enjoyed great success and enjoyment in the boxing ring and on the soccer pitch and have lived a fit, healthy and happy life without the need for drink. I would encourage the young people celebrating their achievements to recognise the opportunities that are there to celebrate and enjoy life without the need for alcohol. There are great opportunities to enjoy yourself without drinking and a responsible attitude brings with it health and lifestyle benefits.Ē

The No Name Club CEO Con Nolan has encouraged our members and teenagers to enjoy their celebrations in safe and fun environments. He says: “Drink and drugs should not play a role in any celebrations as they put health and safety at serious risk and a night of celebration can end up with very serious consequences. It is very important young people and parents are aware that options are out there to allow teenagers get together in fun and safe environments that are free from the influences of alcohol and drugs.”

A link to the press release we have issued concerning the results is available from via our home page. It also provides a list of events and activities that have been organised by No Name Clubs throughout the country to co-incide with the Junior Cert results and will allow the students to celebrate in supervised and safe environments.

Congratulations once again and we encourage you to make the most of the celebrations by enjoying a safe and fun night that is free from the influences of alcohol or other drugs.