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Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Testimonials

Kieran Browne – Volunteer, Ring of Hook No Name Club  


“I joined the Ring of Hook No Name Club as a host back in 2006. Both my parents were on the founding committee of the club and my older brother and cousins were host and hostesses. So I had seen what fun it was to be a member and was not disappointed.

My time as a host inevitably came to an end (despite my efforts to reverse time) and I decided to become an adult volunteer. As an adult I have been lucky enough to get to know the host and hostesses and see them grow not only in the club but in themselves as well. Some come in shy and leave full of confidence and outgoing ( or as I tell them “you were so nice and quiet when you came here first now your nice and loud, I miss the old you”) but they all leave not just as friends but as family.

They always do their best to help out in any and all club activities. They always include everyone and show respect for themselves, each other and us adults. It is a pleasure going to the meetings every Tuesday night and No Name events throughout the year with them and I would be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to seeing them.

It has been an overwhelmingly rewarding experience since I joined the club and I would recommend it to everybody to get involved. I wasn’t around for much of last year due to work and truth be told missed it more than I thought I would. So what I’m saying is the No Name Club is addictive good clean fun without the need for alcohol or drugs for youths and adults alike. You really get to see these teenagers grow into adults and it makes me proud to be apart of this process.”

Lena Clarke – Volunteer, Hollywood No Name Club 



“A couple of years ago a friend asked me if I would be interested in helping out at a No Name Club she was involved in.  The last time I was involved with a youth club I was a youth, and that’s a while ago!  I probably wasn’t over-enthused but I thought it’s something to do on a Wednesday night, so off I went.

 I soon came to realise that the concept of young people having fun without the involvement or alcohol is real.  The young people in the club have great fun during the activities, games or whatever we do an any given night.   They are completely inclusive, nobody is different from anybody else, and they show complete respect for each other.

 On a local level they happily get involved in community activities, and on a national level through the No Name Club Super-talent and Host and Hostess Awards, their enthusiasm, inventiveness and commitment to everything they do is infectious.    It really is a pleasure to see them interact with each other when they are involved in their various projects.

 It has been an enlightening and rewarding few years since I became involved with the club, and I’d recommend it to anybody with a few hours to spare.  Sure, there’s a bit of commitment and work involved but it’s worth it.  I probably thought at the beginning (a bit arrogantly I suppose) that I would “be doing something” for the young people, but you know what, it works the other way round too!  There is so much about our young people that we should be proud of.”


Letter from Kieran Browne:

” You asked me to write a letter for you describing what the no name club means to me and I did. However since then my grandmother passed away and just yesterday we buried her. So I would just like for all of the head no namers to know how good our lads are as they really done themselves proud yesterday.
 I spoke about how I’m proud to be part of the youths growing from acorns into mighty oaks and I am. But it really showed how decent and kind and just down right nice the young lads are in our no name club at the funeral yesterday. It really stood out that they were there and it was mentioned by people who are not members of the no name club.  All the youths that could make the funeral came up and sympathised with the family and were genuinely sorry for our loss.
 They would not have known aggie personally only through us, my mother Christina, my father Stephen and me. Over the past few months they have heard that Agnes was unwell and that the three of us might not be able to go on a trip if she passed away or was unwell. Due to us being a small club this would mean that they wouldn’t be able to go on certain trips as we wouldn’t have the adult supervision.
 When Aggies time did come they showed great respect for us and they made the effort to come to the funeral. That meant so much to us I don’t think I can describe it in words. The young lad’s parents were telling us that they insisted on coming to the funeral, they told their parents “you have to sign the permission slip to let me go to the funeral” that they were going and that was that.
 We only meet for an hour or maybe an hour and a half on Tuesday every week. That’s not a whole lot of time to be spending with someone and we have a group of 17 youths so our attention would be divided as you well know. So what I’m saying is there is a bond created between us that makes the club more than just a youth club, it makes us a family. That is what the no name club is, a family who are there for each other in their time of need.
From Stephen, Christina and Kieran Browne”