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Erris No Name Club Launches Road Safety Campaign for Young Drivers

Young drivers aged 17 to 20 years accounted for 13.4% of total drivers killed or injured in road traffic accidents in 2007*

[Friday, 20th March] The Erris No Name Club, the national voluntary organisation providing alcohol and drug free activities for young people, launched its new 1 4 Life Road Safety Campaign. The campaign was created by young Erris No Name Club members to increase awareness of the dangers of road traffic accidents among their peers and encourage responsible driving. The campaign is being piloted in Belmullet with the support of Mayo County Council and No Name Club will roll this out to its 40 clubs throughout Ireland.

The 1 4 Life Road Safety Campaign encourages No Name Club members to pledge to take responsibility for road safety and speak to those they consider to be driving unsafely. A unique element of the campaign is a text messaging service designed by members of No Name Club which will see young people text a slow down message to their peers they feel are not driving responsibly.

Latest Road Safety Authority statistics show that young people aged 17 to 20 are a high risk category of those involved in road traffic accidents accounting for 13.4% of the total drivers killed or injured in road traffic accidents with a further 26.3% of total car passengers in this age group killed or injured.

While there are many campaigns encouraging young people to drive more responsibly, our campaign is the first to have been created by young people says Edith Geraghty, No Name Club facilitator and chairperson of the Erris No name club of the 1 4 Life campaign. The campaign fits well with No Name Clubs ethos to encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves and promote active citizenship.

The campaign launch will see over 170 young people experience the disorienting effects of alcohol impaired vision through beer goggles and the Corridor of Life, a video account depicting the futility of road death by showing a young mans life from birth to the sudden blankness of his unnecessary death and other interactive exhibits. The event will also host a debate on the issues of road safety.

Young people attending the campaign launch will hear first hand accounts of Road Traffic Accidents from Garda, Fire Brigade and Ambulance personnel. Mother Ann Moran will also speak about the devastating loss of her daughter Regina in a tragic road accident .

Education is essential to improving driver behaviour and reducing road traffic accidents. We hope that through positive peer pressure, our road safety campaign will encourage young people to be responsible drivers now and into the future, says Mrs. Geraghty.