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Dundalk Graduation


The hard-work and achievements of the young members of Dundalk No Name Club during the past year will be celebrated at a special ceremony on Sunday, September 30.

Dundalk No Name Club, though just 18 months in operation, is already a thriving youth group, with an enthusiastic group of 45 teenage members, who are guided by a crew of dedicated adult volunteers.

Following a very successful year for the club, which is already one of the biggest in the north eats, it will be honouring its members with a graduation ceremony at its base in the Outcomers Hall in Roden Place.

The last year has seen the busy Dundalk club participate in a number of No Name Club events at national level, with one of its members – Cillian Lambe – getting to the final of the National Youth Awards, where he was runner-up in the Host of the Year Award competition.

Dundalk No Name Club’s members have also organised several enjoyable, non-alcoholic events which were enjoyed by hundreds of their young counterparts from the local community, including everything from a masquerade ball to discos.

They have also participated in many rewarding outings and activities at club level, embodying a lifestyle in which the use of alcohol or drugs is recognised as unnecessary to the enjoyment of a happy and fulfilling social life for young people.

Dundalk No Name Club is also currently taking on new members and adult volunteers for the coming year 2012-2013 and anyone who would like to get involved or who is seeking further information can contact