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Donegal’s Active Weekend

November 12th, 2010

Donegal No Name Club has a busy few days ahead of it. After taking to the dancefloor on a Friday night, members will travel the following day to rugged Connemara in Co Galway to embark on a weekend of activity and fun. On Friday November 12th, the No Name Club is running a disco in Donegal Town. The event is taking place in Pier 1 and will run from 9pm – 12pm. DJ Glenn will play the latest hits at an event that is open to teenagers aged 15+. There’ll be little rest for club members following their exertions on the dancefloor. The following morning, Saturday November 13th, around 30 hosts and hostesses are travelling to the Delphi Mountain Resort in Connemara. They will be participating in a day of activity and this will be followed by an evening of relaxation with DVDs and food. The club will stay the night at the resort and following on from breakfast on Sunday morning, make the journey back to Donegal. The visit to the resort follows on from a very succesful trip it made to it last year. All the best to the club for its busy weekend.