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Where we meet: Mountbellew Hall, Ballygar Rd, Mountbellew, Co Galway

When we meet: Friday

Adult Committee: Dominica Healy (Chairperson), Ciara Dooley (Secretary), Gary Hughes (Treasurer), Colette Fallon (P.R.O.), Oliver King (C.P.O), Willie Hughes, Vincent Ryan, Olivia O’Connor, Mattie Kilroy, Shauna Carr, Stephanie Hannon, Robert Hannon, Pheilim Hughes, Deirmaid McDermott, John Morrissey, Shane Coleman, Noel Mannion. 

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Designated Programme Officer: Con Nolan


National Youth Awards 2017



20 Years in the Making

In October Mountbellew No Name Club celebrated  20 great years since its foundation with a special gathering in the Mountbellew Community Centre on Saturday 24th 2015.  The celebrations saw Galway country hurler Cyril Donnellan, a former host of the club, give a special thanks to the leaders of the club for the amazing opportunities given to the young people of Mountbellew area over the years.  Fr Padraic O’Connor PP was present to cut the cake to mark the special occasion.


Many last members and youth leaders who came along on the night gave stories of great experiences they had during their time at the club.

Colette Fallon and Cyril Donnellan made a presentation to Oliver King and Mattie Kilroy in recognition of 20 years of dedication and service to the club since its opening.


Mountbellew No Name Club

National Youth Awards Host of the Year 2015 Deirmaid McDermott


Deirmaid McDermott NYA Winner 2015





Mountbellew’s Royal Gathering

There was a right royal gathering in Mountbellew, Co Galway on St Patrick’s Day as royalty and famous figures from across the world came together for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Mountbellew No Name Club used the town parade as an opportunity to showcase what people might be expected to see when the real wedding takes place on April 29th, though it’s probably doubtful Sadaam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden will be making an appearance, with the former being dead and the latter being in hiding. The No Name Club members took to the streets dressed in royal attire and to the fore of those parading was the happy couple themselves, Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Other royals joining in on the celebrations were Prince Charles and Camilla, and the Queen and Prince Philip. Barrack Obama was there for the big occasion along with our very own Brian Cowen.  A fun day was enjoyed by all and people in the Galway town were very taken by the appearance of royalty on their doorsteps. Images of the day can be viewed above.



Shauna Naughton and Padraig Gilmore, Mountbellew NNC finalists at the Region 3 final of the National Youth Awards 2011.


Mountbellew helps Tiger Club

The generosity and hard work of Mountbellew No Name Club has seen a neighbouring organisation that tends to the needs of children and adolescents with learning and physical disabilities being the beneficiaries from a NNC project that worked to improve facilities, lifestyle and eating habits.
Mountbellew Tiger Club was the beneficiary of the generosity after the No Name Club had participated in a HSE project to encourage health promotion within the locality.  On October 30, both clubs gathered as the No Name Club presented funding, a cheque and fruit to the Tiger Club following the culmination of its hard work.  Katherine Long of Mountbellew No Name Club described the presentation as a “heart warming occasion” and the project as a success, “having achieved our aim to improve the Tiger Clubs facilities, lifestyle and eating habits”.
The project undertaken by the No Name Club aimed to change the lifestyle of participants of Mountbellew Tiger Club by improving their eating habits and the facilities available to them.  It came about after Mountbellew No Name Club availed of a HSE grant that encouraged health promotion within the area.  The club’s adult committee met with its Hosts and Hostesses and they chose to dedicate the project towards assisting the Tiger Club.  The No Name Club decided to provide the Tiger Club with equipment and food to assist its members and when representatives of both organisations came together, it was decided a supply of Bocce Balls and fruit to promote healthy eating in the club would be most beneficial. Bocce is a sport closely related to bowls, with the aim of it being to get the bocce balls closest to a smaller ball called a jack.
Mountbellew Tiger Club’s participants have reached the Special Olympics on a number of occasions and regularly take part in regional and national competitions. Mountbellew No Name Club’s Hosts and Hostesses have been involved with the club for many years, helping it out and providing training.