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No Name Club student volunteers

Have you student volunteers working with your club? Do you want to see their efforts recognised? If that is the case, the “We Volunteer” initiative is being run by the national network for civic engagement in higher education, Campus Engage.

It is asking people to nominate volunteers who are current students and are worthy of recognition. Once a nomination is received, the student will be contacted and told of their nomination and then invited to share their volunteer story. The network is looking for stories that other students can identify with. The closing date for volunteer stories is November 18th and the shortlisted volunteers will be photographed on their respective campus and featured in an exhibition with other volunteers.

Nominees can be entered at the following address:

The initiative is being run to meet the objectives for the European Year of Volunteering, as proposed by the European Commission, and these include:

  • Work towards an enabling environment for volunteering in the EU
  • Empower volunteer organisations and improve the quality of volunteering
  • Reward and recognise volunteering activities
  • Raise awareness about the value and importance of volunteering

The network believes the exhibition will be the ideal opportunity to celebrate, acknowledge and recognise the contribution of student volunteers as well as generating a shared connection for student volunteers across Ireland and Europe. It believes it will also be an opportunity to promote the volunteering opportunities and work of organisations such as the No Name Club. The exhibition will visit campuses and key student events across the country in 2011.

More information is available by e-mailing