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Boxing Champ teams up with No Name Club to dissuade Junior Cert students from celebrating with drink

World Boxing Champion Katie Taylor has teamed up with the national youth organisation the No Name Club to encourage teenagers to celebrate their Junior Cert results alcohol free.

Katie, who also plays on the Irish Women�s International Soccer team, can appreciate the enjoyment there is to be had in achievement and celebration without the need for alcohol. The No Name Club works with over 15,000 teenagers and runs in communities across Ireland events and activities that are free from alcohol and drug abuse.

Speaking through the youth organisation, Katie Taylor says: �As a young person who does not drink, I can appreciate the enjoyment there is to be had in living a life free from alcohol. I�ve enjoyed great success and enjoyment in the boxing ring and on the soccer pitch and have lived a fit, healthy and happy life without the need for drink. I would encourage the young people celebrating their achievements to recognise the opportunities that are there to celebrate and enjoy life without the need for alcohol. There are great opportunities to enjoy yourself without drinking and a responsible attitude brings with it health and lifestyle benefits.�

Con Nolan, No Name Club CEO says: �The Junior Cert is an important event for our members and teenagers across Ireland and following on from the pressure and stress that come with it, they can mark its completion by enjoying themselves in safe and fun environments. Drink and drugs should not play a role in any celebrations as they put health and safety at serious risk and a night of celebration can end up with very serious consequences. It is very important young people and parents are aware that options are out there to allow teenagers get together in fun and safe environments that are free from the influences of alcohol and drugs. The No Name Club provides such events throughout the year and clubs across Ireland have activities lined up to mark the Junior Cert celebrations. Our website,, provides a full listing of them.�

The No Name Club has teamed up with the Health Service Executive in encouraging parents of students to have an open and honest conversation with their son or daughter about alcohol and drug use. The websites and will help them prepare for such a conversation and a list of drink and drug-free events can be viewed at

There are many health risks associated with drinking alcohol as a teenager and the HSE states young people who start drinking before the age of 15 are:
� 4 times more likely to develop alcohol dependency than those who wait until they are 21
� 7 times more likely to be in a car crash
� 11 times more likely to suffer unintentional injuries
� at risk of impaired brain development and memory loss if they drink heavily during teenage years.*

Dr Bobby Smyth, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with the HSE says: �I would say to the students, it�s your night and you want to remember it for all the right reasons. Remember that drinking alcohol or taking drugs will not make it a great night for you and your friends. Alcohol or drugs could completely ruin your night; being out of control could make you do things that put you and your friends at risk.�

For further information you can contact the office 0n 045 435444 .

*The HSE statistics are based on research that was carried out for the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Drugs. The research was carried out by the HSE as part of a campaign aimed at delaying the age at which young people start to drink.

Thanks to D M Kiernan for supplying the No Name Club with the feature picture of Katie.
We wish Katie every success as she competes at the AIBA Women’s World Championships in Barbados.