Providing an alternative to "the drink culture"
for young people across Ireland


No Name Club is a Silver Health Quality Mark Organisation
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Young people have an inalienable right to enjoy a dignified lifestyle, free from pressure created by undue influences of alcohol or other drug substances.

All people, especially young people, who do not wish to consume alcohol not only have a right to be safeguarded from pressures or encouragements to drink, but to be supported in their non drinking behaviour.

The organisation is non censorious of drink and has respect for a person’s legal right to drink alcohol.

It has equal respect for the person’s right not to drink should he/she so chose and encourages society generally to demonstrate actively that it also carries that respect.

It seeks that society show, by its actions, its unacceptance of drunken behaviour, which adversely affects the dignity of the person or the common good.

It believes in the innate goodness of young people generally and the enormous potential and great capacity they have to live honourably and to positively influence the lives of others.Peer pressure and peer pull can, and does, work for good.

The No Name Club believes in accompanying young people towards these objectives.

It further recognises the potential and capacity of a local adult community, in tandem with its youth, to address an adverse drink culture and create a vibrant youth community.

In all it does, the organisation will strive to adopt a positive approach and avoid negativity of any kind.

The meaningful involvement and inclusion of young people in opportunities to engage, learn and develop safely is at the core of No Name Club actions.

The organisation upholds the concept of volunteerism and the rights of volunteers to have meaningful back-up support in their role.

No Name Club will promote respect, sobriety and dignity in all its operations and endeavours.