Providing an alternative to "the drink culture"
for young people across Ireland


No Name Club is a Silver Health Quality Mark Organisation
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Congrats to the 2017 National Youth Award Winners



There is special symbolism within the No Name Club logo.

When young people become involved in the No Name Club seeds of potential growth are sown.

This potential for growth is symbolised by the acorn.

There is potential for growth in:

Self Reliance

Self Confidence

Organisation Competence

Social Skills

Personal Effectiveness

Good Decision Making Skills

The ability to make good choices in life

Personal Development and Presentation

Leadership Qualities and Skills and to develop in a variety of other ways.

The LEAF is a sign that all the listed above have begun to happen and have changed from what was possible to what actually is.

There is potential for each acorn to become a mighty oak.  The leaf in the logo shows that the process has begun.

In 2008, the Board of Directors of No Name! Club contracted QHC Consulting  to refresh and develop the logo. The end result now retains the acorn and the leaf and presents it to us in striking fonts and colours.


To download a logo just click on the one you want below to open it and then right click on and save the image.

Note: The final logo is not missing text, but in fact contains white text as it has been specifically designed for use on a colour background (where the text will then show up).