Providing an alternative to "the drink culture"
for young people across Ireland


No Name Club is a Silver Health Quality Mark Organisation
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About Us

About Us


No Name! Club is a National Voluntary Youth Organisation founded in 1978 with clubs throughout the country.

No Name! Clubs are run by and for young people aged 15 years + who come together in a safe and lively environments where there’s fun, friendship and enjoyment without the pressure of alcohol or other drugs.

The organisation was founded to provide an alternative to pub culture for young people in Ireland. The clubs demonstrate a lifestyle in which the use of alcohol or drugs is seen as unnecessary to the enjoyment of a happy, cheerful and fulfilling social life for young people.

Over the last 38 years, thousands of young people have valued their involvement in a programme of activities that allows them to enjoy themselves socially with their peers in safe and friendly environments that are free from the dangers and influences of alcohol and drugs.

At present, there are over 15,000 young people influenced by the No Name! Club throughout the country.

No Name! Club is currently funded through: The Office of The Minister for Children & Youth Affairs and Population Health, Health Promotion, HSE.

Quality Youth Work

The work done with young people in No Name Clubs compliments the efforts of parents in the home, teachers in the schools and all other groups and organisations who help or encourage young people in the use of their free time by encouraging them to make good life choices. A Leadership and Self Development Programme for young people is central to that work.

No Name! Club believes young people have a right to enjoy a dignified lifestyle, free from pressures created by undue influences of alcohol and to be supported in their non-drinking behaviour.

No Name! Club events are alcohol / drug free. The organisation is non-censorious of drink and respects an adults right to drink alcohol but by the same token, it has equal respect and support for everyones right to abstinence.

Through their involvement in No Name! Club activities, young people are encouraged to develop to their full potential by taking on the responsibility of planning and organising a wide ranging programme of social events in co-operation with the adult club leaders. They also learn that it is unnecessary to indulge in alcohol and drugs in order to live an enjoyable and happy social life.

National Events

You can see from the Club pages the fun, creative and entertaining work that’s had at local level. This work is supported by a number of National Events.

The National Youth Awards
These Awards are presented to the Hostess and Host who, in the opinion of the adjudicating panel, have made outstanding contributions to the no name! club and her / his club, community, school and family. Participants often demonstrate significant personal achievement in the areas of sport, culture, arts, education and other activities in which they have been involved.

National Youth & Volunteer Conferences
These conferences are held each year as an opportunity for training, information and discussion for volunteers and young people.

Super Talent Competition
The Hostesses and Hosts of each club present a series of entertainment items through music, dance, drama, song etc and compete with other clubs initially on a regional basis to reach the National Final.