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No Name Club is a Silver Health Quality Organisation
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Balla No Name Club to Raise Funds for Palliative Care Hospice Bed

Balla No Name Club plan to organise a bed push to raise funds for palliative care hopice bed.
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Killarney No Name Club Donation to St. Columbanus Christmas Appeal

Killarney No Name Club Spread some Christmas Cheer with their charitable donation to the St. Columbanus Christmas Appeal.
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Hollywood No Name Club's Charitable Donations

Hollywood No Name Club's Shoebox Appeal and Hollywood No Name Club members fund-raise for the Jack and Jill foundation.
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What's a No Name! Club

No Name! Club enables young people to organise and enjoy positive alternatives to alcohol and drug-centred activities, building self-confidence and increasing awareness of the effects of alcohol and drugs, helping young people make informed choices when they are older.

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